Functional Programming via C#


So you are curious about functional programming. You are wondering just what all the fuss is about. That’s perfect! This talk will assist your journey into functional programming. We will introduce some core concepts like higher order functions, composition, and currying. You will come to better understand the functional code that you’ve already encountered or written. We will also explore some of the functional approaches that have been shaping the C# language(as well as the .Net libraries) that you know and love.

Nik Clarkson's Bio

Nik Clarkson is a Senior Consultant with Improving Enterprises. As an Improver, he is a fervent student of his own mistakes. To that end, he provides himself with a daily bounty of just such learning opportunities. Nik loves telling stories as well as collecting them. He sees each story as an adventure whether it is written with code, spun with words or expressed through music.